Good News: Offers VIP Coupon to Customers

Hi,guys. Do you know rpgshow?


To express its appreciation, RPGSHOW.COM, the leading full lace wigs online retailer, decides to send coupons to its customers from 04/29/2013 to 05/08/2013. During these days customers can purchase lace wigs with excellent quality and reasonable price.

There are three kinds of coupons in this activity.

1. Coupon for VIP Customers, $30 off, Code: vip0429

2. Coupon for Gold VIP Customers, $50 off, Code: gold429

3. Coupon for Diamond VIP Customers, 20% off, Code: dv429

This is really a great present for rpgshow’s VIP members. If you are not a VIP member, there is another way that you can also get coupon. The rpgshow group publishes coupons on at regular time. New customers can find usable coupons from this site. Erena Marinac, sales manager of RPGSHOW, has said that the coupons on are long standing and usable.

Nowadays more and more customers choose rpgshow; many of them have put their review videos on YouTube. For example, LakiaStar bought her wig with a coupon, and she got $35 off. This was her first glueless full lace wig from rpgshow, and she was very satisfied. After she wore this glueless straight lace wig, she has already been a black girl with long hair.

Rpgshow has also consummate repairing service for customers. New customers enjoy one time of repairing services for free within after-sale three months, which worth $40-$80. VIP customers have unlimited wig repairing service within after-sale three months, which worth $100.



RPGSHOW.COM was founded since 2006, now it has been one of the biggest lace wigs online retailers. Its products are made with 100% best Remy virgin hair. Remy hair remains silky, soft, and completely tangle-free throughout its lifetime. And can also keep for a long time. More importantly, rpgshow hold a professional hair stylists team, to keep trace with fashion trend and style different kinds of popular hairstyles.




2013 Latest Bob Hair Styles

I am a girl who like short hairstyles but always hesitated.  Every time I brows the beautiful photos of girls with short hairstyle, I wonder I should go for a haircut and get a bob. You know, I did not make the decision. So,now I’m still wearing long hair. Maybe after I have seen enough stunning bob hairstyles, I will have the courage to get one. After all, there are so many of Bobs and there must be one fitting me perfectly.

I always search in the internet about bobs. Let’s see some pictures of bob hairstyles.

Brittany Snow Bob


Her golden bob is totally evening-appropriate by curling the ends under just slightly. Brittany Snow loves Bob and she is stunning in bobs.

Brittany+Snow+Short+Hairstyles+Bob+5ci1-VaVsxwl Brittany Snow’s side swept and sleek bob

 Brittany+Snow+Short+Hairstyles+Bob+P7bAjavZ91hll love the simplicity of her bob style.

Kerry Washington Bob


Can you find out that her super romantic bob hairstyle is fake? Yeah, she is wearing a lace wig. Terrific, isn’t it? I should consider buying a lace wig too.

Bob-Hairstyles-for-2013-New (1)  I love these su[er cool bob hairstyles.

Picture of Chelsea Kane Graduated Bob Hairstyle 2013-Sexy or sexy?


 2013 Bob hairstyles can modified for any look. You can get attractive look with different length bob styles according to your face type. there are so many good things we should to try, including bob hairstyles. I maybe should make move quickly before i regret. what do you think?

Christina Announced AMA Nominations With Ombre Hair – Hottest Hairstyles 2013

Christina Aguilera, who is one of the most famous raters of the Voice, has just announced the nominees of AMA 2012, which has become the talk of the past few days.


Xtina stepped on the carpet with a flashing purple knee length prom dress. With shining diamond necklace and gorgeous pumps on her feet, she looks quite self confident and exciting. The most eye-catching thing is that she attend the occasion with the purple and gold ombre hair, which is thought to be the latest trend in both America. So today, we will talk about the hairstyles for 2013. Hope you can get the clue for your own style.


Different from the fashion trend in the earlier days of 2012, the hairstyles for 2013 seems to pay more attention on the gradual change of color, long curve styles become more popular. What’s more, handsome short hairstyles are also quite in.

You may still remember at the beginning of 2012, Rihanna with high-flown curve red shoulder length hair, Katy Perry Colored her hair in cute pink and the most fun and baroque Monster mother Lady Gaga have her hair dyed in green. But now the situation turned out to be a great difference.


Rihanna In Red Hair-Loud


Katy Perry- Pink Hair-Teenage Dream


Lady Gaga- Green Hair

Britney Spears, the judge of X Factor S3, back to the eyesight of public with her new rainbow hair, quite similar to Xtina’s hairstyle.


Britney Spears-Rainbow Hair- X Factor

The famous R&B Singer Rihanna released her 7TH album with her new hairstyle- totally handsome short hairstyle.


Miley Cyrus, the famous Disney sweetheart, also have her hair cut down. Now she wears such a gold short hair. It seems that It features strong punk sense.


Miley Cyrus-Punk Hairstyle

So no matter you like long or short hair style, you can follow those fashion icons. Which hairstyles do you like best?