Black Beauty Products: Classics

Actually, black is a complicated  and amazing color, a mix of colors. It contains everything.It is full of mysteries, puzzles and fears. Many beauty products in black are classics. In black, we can be elegant, stunning, punk, weird and sexy, whatever you want. As for me, I am a crazy fan of black beauty products. if my closet must be in a single color, then black it.

now let us see some black classics-my favorites.

La Petite Robe Noir-Always in Fashion


This definitely is the talented work of  Coco Chanel.And no matter at a formal or friends party, walking red carpet, wearing little black dress  never make mistakes. There is no way to wax on her great possibilities.

1926-the-little-black-dressthe original little black dress-1926

as we can see from above, little black dress has changed a lot till now. little black dress becomes more and more sexy.

















Audrey Hepburn in Tiffany  Breakfast most iconic  fashion image  ever


Black sunglasses

there is no other sunglasses making you cool as black sunglasses do.

images (11)_副本ff

there are also many celebrities fond of black sunglasses, shopping, walking they all wear them.

Black High Heels -cool girls need

of course those basic black high heels can not be ignored.

colorful high heels are stunning,every girls like them. but a pair of black high heels is necessity in your shoes cabinet.

hope you like my post.


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