What Will Katy Perry Wear For Her Second Wedding

According to the report that Katy Perry, the famous American Diva, who hits 5 Billboard top 1 singles in one album, has just spent a romantic Valentine’s Day with her Rock Boyfriend, John Mayer . The paparazzi are quite surprised to find that Katy show off the special heart-shaped ring on her left hand after hanging with John. Tough Katy denied that it is an engagement ring, while the rumor travels far and fast. Maybe her second marriage coming soon.

katy-perry-john-mayer-engagement-ring-valentines-day(2)__oPt katy-perry-john-mayer-engagement-ring-valentines-day-3(2)__oPtKaty-Perry-RingHeart Shaped Ring Katy Perry & John Mayer 

The cute Lady Fruit or Lady Candy has suffered a lot since last year. The breakdown of first marriage with Russell Brand shocked the diva a lot , while the consecutive failure of Grammy puzzled her. Luckily, her endeavor got the support of her fans ,she come across another spring.


Maybe Katy Perry’s Second Wedding is coming soon. In her first wedding, she had an Indian Style Wedding. We could found she picked a gorgeous white and silver wedding gown. To the Wedding ring, the singer chose a gold-foiled diamond ring. It seems that the ring is filled with Indian style as well.

F:PHOTOMediaFactory ActionsRequests DropBox32136#courtesy Russell BrandRussell & Katy.jpg

 Katy Perry & Russell Brand India Weddingkaty_perry_wedding_dresses

Katy Perry Wedding Dress


For her second wedding, perhaps, Katy Perry will no longer stick to Indian style. Perhaps a traditional California wedding ? Just as what it was in her MV California gurls.  Or maybe Katy Perry has played the role of bride in the MV hot or cold. Haha, perhaps , Rihanna will be her bridesmaid.

hot-n-cold-katy-perry hotncold-katy-perry


Hot N Cold—Katy Perry


Katy Perry–California Gurls



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