Couture Fashion Week 2013—–The Most Extravagant Prom Collection

This week, the couture fashion week in Paris provides you a great chance to encounter the greatest designs of the world famous designers and brands. On the aisle, those super models, shows the most fantastic designs under highlight. The 2013 couture collection really glamorous, stunning and special . Now let’s me pick several high fashion prom dresses 2013, gain inspirations from the world top designers.



There is a legend called Chanel. Just as the history of Chanel, it’s a mystery. Amazing? Yeah, the printing off the shoulder dress bring such a fantastic fairy tale like sense.  Fleecy silhouette with mysterious patterns.


White .Flawless white. When you put on this white halter prom dress ( select from the 2013 Chanel couture), you feel just like a cute genie from the fairy tale.  Pleated bodice connect with the nifty short skirt, cute and vigorous.


Stunning poppy blooms at the hem and a riff on a bow and stole at the shoulder, the gown presents ultimate flirtatious and sophistication.


Gorgeous lavender blooming dress presents timeless vigor.


This Chanel couture is inspired feather. Flattering semi-transparent bodice embedded with fluster piece of fabric, showing off timeless beauty, just like an angel without wings.


Giambattista Valli


Yellow is a great choice if you want to catch the eyeballs of others. Brilliant yellow high low dress features slimming cut bodice. Flaring ball like skirt adds great fun. Classical embroidery boost luxury.


Flowers will be your signature if you just put on this Giambattista Valli dress. Sophisticated petals sewed tighter into this piece.


Beads can be just as beautiful as blooms –and even better when they sewed together.


Seriously pretty. Pink creates a dramatic dream for you.


The Knee length dress looks sophisticated and charming.


Another black lace dress. What make a great difference is the gold belt on the waistline.


Christian Dior

Raf Simons’ plentifully sprinkled his Dior creations with petals to make for the prettiest of dresses.

V-neck-Christian-Dior-2013 Christian-Dior-Wedding-Dresses-2013 Christian-Dior-2013 00400h_592x888_4


Why I admire Versace so much is because the incredible glamour effusing from its designs, just their logo- fatal beauty.

Versace-2013 Versace-cocktail-dresses-2013 Versace-High-Low-Prom-dresses-2013 Versace-yellow

Giorgio Armani Prive

Graphics and billowy silhouettes underpinned Mr Armani’s Turkish couture vision.

Giorgio-Armani-Prive Giorgio-Armani-Prive(3) Giorgio-Armani-Prive(2)

Elie Saab

A sprinkle of sparkles goes a long way.

Elie-Saab-Red-Lace-Dress Elie-Saab-Prom-Dress-2013 Elie-Saab Elie-Saab(3)

Jean Paul Gaultier

Something for your exotic travels.

00360h_592x888 00300h_592x888 00290h_592x888 00280h_592x888 00430h_592x888


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