Xtina Wears Jimmy Choo Spiky Shoes At The MV Your Body

According to the latest gossip that Christina Aguilera is working on her new single’s MV your body.

From Xtina’s twitter several days ago, we can just find a clue for this really amazing single.

Here goes with the picture she attached at here new twitter!

From this picture we may easily find that Xtina lift a foot on one green box. Green box and pink high heel shoe form a strong visual impact. What’s more, black fish-net stocking add strong sexy feeling to the appearance. Though what has already been revealed is just the tip of iceberg, we may deduce that the MV must be quite brilliant.

Xtina is thought to be a fashion icon. It seems that she hold a strong passion in spikes.

Every time she appears at the spotlight, we may always find that she wears spiky shoes.

In fact, that she really owns a large collections of spikes. From modest style to extravagant style, from brilliant to gorgeous . She told the journalist that she used a room in her house to put those shoes.

One of the most well-known brand is Christian Louboutin.

But this time, the shoes in the MV your body comes from one celebrated American Chinese Designer—Jimmy Choo.

All the masterpieces of Jimmy Choo are famous for its elegance and comfortable. Compared with the gorgeous of Christian Louboutin, the artworks of Jimmy Choo are closer to life.

Now I just can’t wait to hear Xtina’s New Single.

Here attached with a 30s audition of your body! Let’s enjoy it.

Click here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYIP1tgwaeo


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