Halloween 2013: All the Best Celebrity Costumes

2013 Halloween is a big gala for celebrities, a chance for them to showcase their fashion talents.


Snooki dressed herself up as a “white queen”, an image from the classic Loui Carroll story ‘Through the Looking Glass’. A magic wand at her hand strengthen her “white queen” look.



Jwow, on the other hand dressed as a sexy ‘red queen of hearts’, working well with Snooki as ‘white queen’. She dyed her hair as red, a comprehensiv red look.


Neil Patrick Harris shows off is perfect family costumes for Halloween.


Lady Gaga London Halloween

Lady Gaga new disappoint her fans, and it is the same case this year. She dressed herself up as a ghost. A white makeup, white wild hair styles and red lips highlights her halloween look.Image

Matthew Morrison dressed up as Andy Warhol for his Halloween Party in hollywood.


Josh Duhamel attends Kate Hudson’s Halloween Party as ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ classic charachter Riff Raff. He curls his blond long hair with the help of hair extensions. His markup does highlights his handsome faces.


Isla Fish and Sacha Baron Cohen
An Actress Isla Fisher dresses as a crasy animal, as the same with her actor husband Sacha Baron Cohen.


Fergie and Hubby Josh Duhamel
The most creative prize should be given to Fergie and HUbby Josh Duhamel, because they dressed themselves as Day of the Dead, very creative and weild.


Adam Lambert 

Adam Lambert dressed as a genie while attending Fred and Jason’s 8th annual Halloweenie holiday concert in LA.


Miley Cyrus 

Miley Cyrus dressed herself as a big flowers, a breast esplored out.


Coco dressed as a sexy girl, making full use of her body features.


Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato attended a halloween party in West Hollywood and wore this terrifying Costume. It is a horrible look.

Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum is a super model always dressing as an elegant lady. This year, she dressed herself as an old lady with a lot of wrinkle on her faces.


Lggy Azalea
She features her halloween look with black and white hair styles and showcase at the Oval Space in London.



For the creative halloween look, making a change on long hair is an effective way to make the creative look.  Long hair takes time, and if it is near to an event however you have short hair, hair extensions, 18 inches hair extensions, 24 inches hair extensions will help that come true. 

blog.vpfashion has many more creative posts. 


Creative Hairstyles Look 2013 for Halloween

Halloween is a big festival for both kids and adults. Kids are expecting it for a unusual try, and adults like to relax themselves and have fun too on that big day.

There are two parts for the festival, and the first one is about kid hairstyles. The other is about dault.
2013 Halloween is coming up, and all kinds of creative ideas for creative looks are coming out. Hairstyle is one part of Halloween looks. Kids just can not wait to have a special look. They are ready to be made up. Parents spare no efforts on helping them realize their dreams by offering them special hairstyles. The following is a series of easy kid Halloween hairstyles.

Merida from Disney’s Brave

The style is a good option for a kid with a spitfire personality. The necessary items for the style cover spray bottle, bandana, and approx 40 plastic drinking straws. It looks very hot and bold.


Braided Cat Ears
With leotard and tights at hand, the style would be just a piece of cake for most mothers. It is for a very funny, lovely and cute looks. With cat beard on kids’ face, it is a perfect look.


Princess Hairstyles
The image is from Disney’s beauty and the beast. The style work with a yellow dress, and then it would be a perfect look. Wavy hairstyle and a knot at the top, it is just a perfect hair look.


Princess Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin
The hairdo features fullness. For this complete look, you need cute blue bedazzled headband and some jewelry. The best clothes color for the look is blue.

hairdo for fullless

Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled
The necessary items for the look are long blonde hair, silk flowers and a cute braid will do.

hairstyles with flowers
Halloween Hairstyle Look for Adults

Playful Big Hair
The hairstyle is teased, piled up high and covered with a net. It looks big and strong. With hairspray on, it will have more volume. With a shinning and unusual mask, it will look more attractive, and it will help you attract more attention.


For some kids, wearing long hair is difficult. So a Halloween hairstyle can be made with the help of hair extension. For adults who want to change hair color and styles, hair extensions or ombre hair extensions can make it come true. For only Halloween look, you can choose cheap hair extensions usw150 116 dollards  for it.

Ombre Hair & Ombre Nails

Ombre stuffs are now popular around the world. Start from ombre chair, ombre clothes to now ombre hairs which speak for ombre world. Then women are crazy about this genius invention. You may find some inspirations from all those hairstyles and nails.

Blonde and cloud nails
ombred hairstyles and ombred nails

Long hairstyles and Shining Blue Nails
omberd nails and ombred hairstyles

Celebrity Hairstyles and Hot Red Nails
ombred hair and ombred nails

Sequined Ombre Nailsombred hairstyles and ombred nails2

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2013 Latest Bob Hair Styles

I am a girl who like short hairstyles but always hesitated.  Every time I brows the beautiful photos of girls with short hairstyle, I wonder I should go for a haircut and get a bob. You know, I did not make the decision. So,now I’m still wearing long hair. Maybe after I have seen enough stunning bob hairstyles, I will have the courage to get one. After all, there are so many of Bobs and there must be one fitting me perfectly.

I always search in the internet about bobs. Let’s see some pictures of bob hairstyles.

Brittany Snow Bob


Her golden bob is totally evening-appropriate by curling the ends under just slightly. Brittany Snow loves Bob and she is stunning in bobs.

Brittany+Snow+Short+Hairstyles+Bob+5ci1-VaVsxwl Brittany Snow’s side swept and sleek bob

 Brittany+Snow+Short+Hairstyles+Bob+P7bAjavZ91hll love the simplicity of her bob style.

Kerry Washington Bob


Can you find out that her super romantic bob hairstyle is fake? Yeah, she is wearing a lace wig. Terrific, isn’t it? I should consider buying a lace wig too.

Bob-Hairstyles-for-2013-New (1)  I love these su[er cool bob hairstyles.

Picture of Chelsea Kane Graduated Bob Hairstyle 2013-Sexy or sexy?


 2013 Bob hairstyles can modified for any look. You can get attractive look with different length bob styles according to your face type. there are so many good things we should to try, including bob hairstyles. I maybe should make move quickly before i regret. what do you think?

High Heels: Painful Beauty

Marilyn Monroe once said:” I do not know who first invented high heels, but all the women should be grateful to him,high heels give me a great help in my cause.”  Almost girls like wearing high heels, but all the girls like high heels. A pair of high heels do add a great amount of glamour and elegance. 


when I was a little girl, I thought all being a princess need are a pair of glass slippers and a beautiful dress . The first pair of high heels see the big change of  every girl. Do you still remember your first high heels? or you just put them in your shoe cabinet carefully?

High heeled sandals


Pretty cool,don’t you think so?Yellow and black, perfect match.


A glorious shoe cabinet!

shoes cabinet

We loved the matching bag and we love the shoes even more – florals never looked so good.

high heels

In Sex and  the City, Carrie said:”Love may fades, but high heeled shoes will kept forever.”

walking on a green garden?

high heels

Actually, it is pretty hard to be sexy without wearing a pair of high heeled shoes. Wearing high heeled shoes, especially super-high heeled ones really hurts but it pays back. 


Black Beauty Products: Classics

Actually, black is a complicated  and amazing color, a mix of colors. It contains everything.It is full of mysteries, puzzles and fears. Many beauty products in black are classics. In black, we can be elegant, stunning, punk, weird and sexy, whatever you want. As for me, I am a crazy fan of black beauty products. if my closet must be in a single color, then black it.

now let us see some black classics-my favorites.

La Petite Robe Noir-Always in Fashion


This definitely is the talented work of  Coco Chanel.And no matter at a formal or friends party, walking red carpet, wearing little black dress  never make mistakes. There is no way to wax on her great possibilities.

1926-the-little-black-dressthe original little black dress-1926

as we can see from above, little black dress has changed a lot till now. little black dress becomes more and more sexy.

















Audrey Hepburn in Tiffany  Breakfast most iconic  fashion image  ever


Black sunglasses

there is no other sunglasses making you cool as black sunglasses do.

images (11)_副本ff

there are also many celebrities fond of black sunglasses, shopping, walking they all wear them.

Black High Heels -cool girls need


of course those basic black high heels can not be ignored.

colorful high heels are stunning,every girls like them. but a pair of black high heels is necessity in your shoes cabinet.

hope you like my post.

Justin Bieber’s new hairstyle caused great shock

Have you already seen Bieber’s new haircut? Did it surprise you? I kind of love his new hairstyle.



Justin Bieber has debuted his new hairstyle as his ‘Believe’ world tour hit Dortmund this past week. as usual, his performance attracted great attention and discussion.

many fans said they will support him no matter what. this is what a fan will do.

some  fans thought the haircut resembled Rihanna‘s a shaved side head. what a coincidence!



it is mean to say the haircut is ugly.

Celebrity Red Ombre Hairstyles

Yeah, it seems that flamboyant red hair has become more and more popular in the past few years. Furthermore, you can find more and more fashion girls with ombre hair on the street in the past few years. As a matter of fact, red hair are favored by various celebrities. Now, let’s see the lookbook of those celebrities in red ombre hair. Let’s vote for the most beautiful girls in red head. By the way, I will share the DIY red ombre hair tutorial at the end of my post.


Britney Spears

When it was 2008, Britney came back with her new album circus. Before this, she was depressed by the gossip. In her MV, womanizer, one of the most impressive appearance of Britney is when she wears a flamboyant side parting long straight red hair. But I thinks, blond curly hair suits her better than this style. It makes her look old.




Rihanna cooperated with Britney in her single s&m, which hits BILLBOARD Top1. At that time, Rihanna was busy publicizing her new album —Loud. During that time, Rihanna appeared with various different red hairstyles.


Rihanna—Long Wavy Lace Wigs


Rihanna—Long Straight Red Hairstyle


Rihanna—Red Afro Lace Wigs


Red Hairstyle With Bun



Cool Short Red Hair


Jessie J

Jessie J loves red ombre hair as well. Here you see that she wears special ombre hair. The bang on the front and the straight hair lying down help to flatter her face shape.


Ariana Grande

Ariana dyed her hair into red just as you see. Energetic and cute, isn’t it?

Ariana Grande8